Freeme OS KV

Freeme OS is a smartphone operating system based on Android platform. Freeme OS integrates “Intelligent Technology” and optimized 3000 functions of the original Android system.

My job in this project is to abstract the idea of the newly released Freeme OS 5.0 version and convey it into a key visual. Rather than display the numbers of improvement and optimization that only a few people understand, the KV needs to be emotional and understandable to all ordinary users.

Three key words of the newly released Freeme OS 5.0 version is “Security, Beautiful and brisk”.

Since the Freeme OS VI color is green and green color also represent the meaning of security in China, I decide to use it as the main color of the KV. When talking about smartphone OS, UI is one of the most important parts. So I include some screenshots of Freeme OS in this KV try to convey the beautiful part. leaves in the wind give audiences a feeling of brisk, and the movement of leaves makes the hole KV become more vividly.

To make a more realistic perspective view of the phones, I use C4D to built two arrays of smartphones and render it out with a transparent background.


In fact, this KV is more like a combination of two different design styles. the idea of flying leaves comes from the style of e-commerce such as Taobao and JD. And this perspective view of smartphones often used by hardware company such as XiaoMi and Smartisan.

Sometimes, the mash-up of different views and styles often come out a nice visual work. You just have to give it a try.