Freeme OS Designer Site

This project is a web design for Freeme OS designers site which is not online yet.

Freeme OS designers site is a place where designers can make some money by making smartphone themes for Android-based smartphone operating system — Freeme OS.

Since designers are the final user of this website, I decide to build a colorful and beautiful website to catch the picky eyes of designers.

I personally love geometric objects so much, I made lots of geometries in Cinema 4D and used it in this web project as you can see in the following images.

The banner contains tow parts, one is the background scene which I rendered in Cinema 4D, and the other is the gold metallic feel title which was made by shapes in Photoshop.

To make the website more colorful, I used lots of combine gradient of different colors and colored shadows.

You can click the image below to see the full pixel version of this project.