Droi Market KV Design

Droi Market is an Android app store platform with massive apps and games, and it is one of China’s top 5 personalized Android app store.

Android app store that makes money. (会赚钱的安卓应用商店)

The slogan of Droi Market is quite simple and straight. Users who use it to download certain apps or participate in app’s activities would gain points. Users can use the points to exchange real or virtual goods in the app store and even pay phone bills.

My job is to abstract the idea of the slogan and convey it into a key visual. And use this key visual to attracts audiences to download Droi Market.

Before I start, I tried to find some inspirations from the VI system of Droi Market. Luckily there is already a mascot name Little Droi(卓小易)that represent the Droi Market visual identity. So I took Little Droi as my main character and use the orange color that comes from the Droi Market VI system in this KV design.

Well, just a color and a mascot are far not enough to get the visual image that I want. So I keep digging the slogan and get the following two words:

Appstore, money

convey this two words to visual objects:

A store with many apps in it, coins and gold bars

So, combine the character and visual objects together I got the following sketch.

I tried to built a store that glowing lights from its front door, and add some light dots to make a shining and magic feel. I put some app icons under the plaque of the store to imply Droi Market is a store that provides apps download and management.

In the visual part, I didn’t stick to the flat design concept, I tried to use both flat and gradient style to make the details more pleasing and engaging.

In the end, I think I almost got what I want to present from the final outcome.