Year Of Goat H5

This is my first Wechat-based H5 work, which is made for Droi Market’s Year of goat activity.

This activity aims to send free portable chargers to the users of Droi Market and motivate them to spread the H5 to their friend, therefore, gain more exposure to the public and more new users.

After understood the goals of this activity and gather some references, I started my design with a red color background color to make a new-year-celebration like feeling, then I decided to use a calligraphy-style font as my H5 activity title. Science the Droi Market already have a mascot called “卓小易” as their symbol, I simply draw a goat costume on its head and put it as the lively and fun part of each single page in the H5, so the users won’t be bored with it.

As I said, this is my first H5 work, thence I had lots of issues during the design progress. such as the font and button size to fit the multiple sizes mobile screen, the UX part of this H5 activity, the communication part as a part of teamwork workflow. After went through this, I found myself become more mature and be confidence for the next challenge.